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    For Sale 7'2 Kane Garden for sale


    I have a 7'2 Kane Garden "Orca" 5 fin fish for sale. It's in great condition. I'm looking for $350 for it. Email me @ if you are interested. I'm located in Belmar NJ.

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    what are the other dimensions on the board?

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    There are no other dimensions written on the board except for the 7'2. Going off of Kane Garden''s site it is slightly under 3 inches thick - 2.85 is what they say I think. It is 22 inches wide. I'll have to get the exact nose and tail measurements for you if you want them. The next time I can do that is tomorrow evening as I'm away from home until Wednesday evening.

    The board paddles great - catches waves easily.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.