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Thread: Kite Boarding

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    Kite Boarding

    has anyone ever tried kite boarding with their surfboard. I was thinking about trying it and wondering where to get a kite from and how to do it,

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    Ive tried it. it's nowhere near as easy as it looks to start advice I can give is take lessons. you can seriously F*^# YOURSELF UP WITH THOSE KITES.

    The lines move FAST and can easily take off a finger or 3.

    theres a kiteboarding training video out there from the guys down on Hatteras Island in OBX, I forgot the name of it though, but its worth it if you just want to di*k around with the kites and goof off.

    I have 2 kites, a 9m F-one, and a 12m that I got when I was living down in Frisco. I never got too interested in trying em out, but I launched em on the beach a few times and practiced jumping and being a counterweight for the wind to drag me 100yards up the beach.

    all in all, theyre fun, but taking lessons is more fun cause you'll know what you're doing, and you won't injure yourself or anyone else.