Wow... there is some SERIOUS bad attitudes on there, and I will be glad to name a few: Chaps, hatesyouall, and junitsoldier, who was booted form the site a few times under a few names. Not sure WTF your deals are, why you gotta be hating on me, you act retarded, you HATE on Swellinfo, hate on anything that you don't think is cool enough for you. WTF??? Seriously!? You act like total ASSHOLES on that site, mention me on here, add links (seriously who the hell does that?) Just WTF are your problems? Talking all kinds of trash about me and anyone else... Get real. Get a life. Seriously come down to MD sometime, look for me, apparently you think you know everything about me. You won't see me in your trashy, cruddy line-ups ever in my life.

Man up and stop acting like 12 year olds behind your little cameras. I know you'll read this because apparently you have p l e n t y of time to search around and peruse for any of my postings.