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    gelugo Guest

    Longboard Magazine

    I just received a survey from Surfers Journal and within the survey they asked what magazines you read. Under the Longboard Mag it said "out of business". I tried their website and it's gone. I also tried to call the mags' phone numbers and they are disconnected. Not to mention some disgruntled employees and advertisers that are owed thousands. I'm upset because I only received one issue from a new subscription and they folded. Guy Motil must be MIA. If he had any integrity he'd post some info...

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    Man, thats ashame. I gues it cant be easy having to dissapoint a lot of people.

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    Longboard mag goes under

    Check out the pissed off commentators..

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    Longboard magazine are robbers

    ********LONGBOARD MAGAZINE vs. SOMALIAN PIRATES in a celebrity death match*********

    Check this out in november 08 i paid $63 dollarrs to longboard mag called them 3 times was told "you subscription is coming" to find out in february they are going going gone, in my opinion they are somalian pirates and these SH#&T HEADS got what they deserve they ripped off hard working US dollars from me and i am sure other brothers, i hope the top level peckerheads are working at taco bell now. Best wishes Longboard magazine crew you turd ball robbers.
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