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    Anyone Riding the K-Small Board?

    Just wanted to here your thoughts about the board. Might be pickin one up. One of my friends, friends has one and swears by it. Let me know what you guys think about it.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i have once ridden one and i liked it. but go to a shop that sells them and ask them if they have a demo model of that board and is so can you try it out. as i would rather test it before i spend 700$ on it or more.

  3. i mean what feels best to your buddy might not feel and or work the best for you...know what im sayin?

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    I've had a couple K-small's over the years,real fun board still kind of racy for junky ,sloppy stuff though. If you find a shop that has demos try it out,but also check out the Sashimi it has a bit more punch than the K-small. The K has some vee out the tail but the board still felt kind of stiff even with a very small trail fin(Merrick's little 2.5 shark tooth). The shimi has a large nasty single concave that just makes craploads of speed in anything!

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    I think the CI Sashimi would be THE ultimate east coast board to have, it was created by al merricks son, I also prefer a pod shape. A pod is a great all around board, you can surf them really short and still catch waves with ease

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    i bouight it and then sold it to a friend of mine it seemed kinda stiff i was having to make more rounded turns instead of just cutting and snaping now i have the eagles wing machados model its freakin siccckkk!!! i actually bought 2 of them left one at my moms in palm beach and brought one to atlanta..

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    I have one. It is pretty stiff. I like the board but it is a bit tough to turn at times. However it does hold really well when you put your weight into a turn, i've found alot of looser boards spin out on me.

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    Diggin this post out... Picked up a K-small bout 2 months ago and I'm really liking the way it responds to turns. Took about a day to get used to the rigidity of the board in a turn but once you get used to it your turns feel so clean.

    I learned how to ride on a 6' Round Nose Fish, if I could compare it to a car it would be like a huge Cadillac. Ksmall feels like a little sports car with great handling. Really happy with it. Deff progressed my surfing.