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    Long arm vs long leg springsuit

    Anybody got an opinion which is better for a 2 mm spring suit? I'm back in Florida now so springsuit season is over but I'm looking at a few sales to get ready for next year. With the warmer water down here it is usually the wind chill that drops core temp so it seems like long sleeve short leg springsuits are better, but I never see people out in them. Are long legs better even if the water is warmer because water acts as such an efficient heat sink?

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    I live in my short arm full. I think its the best suit to wear. Super comfy and just like to wear that suit alot.

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    Hard to say it's really a personal call. I use a long sleeve most of the warmer season because it feels better, and that helps with any windchills you may get. Also I'm obviously a BBer and I like the short legs because my legs are moving a lot more with less restriction. But I dunno about FL, may want to just go with the long legs.

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    i think a long leg spring suit would be better around here thats what i have and it works perfectly especially when the waters still a little cold and the air is warm

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    FOR NEW JERSEY: Short sleeve full suit good for early summer upwellings when you suddenly realize the water dropped 20 degrees overnight. Long sleeve spring good for Sep to early Oct hurricane swell sessions when air in the am is 55-60 and water still 70. Answer.... have both. Poor surfers solution?Hold on to old 3/2's and cut them up appropriately and you won't have to buy a new suit you only use for 1 month.

    Your welcome!
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    i have a short leg short arm spring suit and i have a longsleave top and when i wear them both togather lke magick i have a long sleave spring suit

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    what about around san diego in march? which suit?

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    full 3/2. Water is likely to be close to 60 or low 60s. You will see some booties in the lineup in SD in March

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    short arm with long leg is way better. ive had both. your legs are stronger than arms so its not annoying to wear. plus you dont move your legs as much as your arms.

    its probably warmer to.

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    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    i take the same quiver approach to wetsuits as i do towards surfboards. each has the right conditions for its use.
    obviously, i'm wearing the 5/4 right now.
    then there's the 4/3, the 3/2, the 2mil short-sleeve full, the 2mil long-sleeve spring, & the long-sleeve wetsuit top. each gets a fair amount of use at different times of the year.
    despite the name, the springsuit is best suited to the fall in nj, while the short-sleeve full is a great suit for late spring/early summer. the suit that i prob. give the most abuse to, tho, is the 3/2.
    basically, both suits have their place in your wetsuit closet.