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    Quote Originally Posted by eastcoastgilson View Post
    whats the temperature like in VB right now and do u need gloves, booties, and hood.

    what equipment do u need to wear there in like october and november
    You can almost get by with a spring suit in Oct and Nov. It all depends on the Fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Joyner View Post
    You can almost get by with a spring suit in Oct and Nov. It all depends on the Fall.
    o cool b/c im either going to James Madison (virginia), delaware, or TCNJ next year. and i was talking to a kid from Virginia Beach that said he goes to JMU and can bring his car next year and is gona hit up some swells next year and could bring me

    does VB have any good breaks? never been there. thanks

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    If your interested in UD, hit me up with a private message, and I'll give u some info.

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    Spring suit??

    Ya maybe a springer... But most likely a full suit and maybe boots in Nov. But if your gonna drive from Harrisonburg to surf you should just take the extra time to hit up Hatty. Its not to far and always about 2 times as good. VB has no good spots really. There is first street, but every kook and their uncle surfs their so I would stay away from there. VB is pretty much just 1 big shifting sandbar, quite a ****ty one this year I might add.
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    do you know how far away harrisonburg is from VB or hatteras? they would prob have to be weekend trips, but at least it would be fun to get in the water at college. the temps you mentioned are much better than right now b/c i ride jersey water and it gets coldddd. any more advice would be appreciated


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    I guessing around 4 and 1/2 to VA Beach. Down south adds an hour and 1/2.From there to Hatteras adds another hour.

    This December and Jan we had days that the water and air temps made it possible to go without booties and gloves. I didn't need boots are gloves two weeks ago in Buxton.