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    O'neill Mutant 5/4

    I know this sounds a little stupid since the water is starting to warm up, but i have had my eyes on a new suit for the winter and really liked the mutant because of the removable hood, and the local surf shop has a major sale where i can get it 30 or 40% off. But i want to make sure it is a good suit and something that will last me. Any Comments?

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    I bought a Mutant 3/2/2 last year and believe it or not, it is so warm i can wear it through the winter sans my feet and hands getting cold. O'neill was the one to come up with the concept of the wetsuit back in the day and are still hard to beat, but you usually have to pay a little extra for the name. The Mutant is nearly as warm as a Psycho which of course is O'neill's top of the line suit. The mutant is super easy to get in and out of and very comfortable. I do plan on getting a 4/3 or 5/4 for next year but only because i'm hoping that the extra warmth in the core of my body will circulate to my cold hands and feet. You will be doing well if you get the 5/4. As far as it lasting, i know i haven't had mine a real long time but it is still in perfect condition and i believe O'neill will freely repair anything that does happen to it. It is a tough suit i've noticed. I wore my friends 3/2 Ripcurl for comparison this Friday up at Indian River and i was cold whereas i would literally be warmer during winter months in the Mutant!! Buy it.

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    I have a 5/4 mutant and it is perfect. I havnt been cold while wearing it even when it was like 30 degree weather. It is super flexible and the removable hood just makes it better. I have nothing bad to say about it and id say if you find a good deal on one go for it

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    I've got the 3/2 mutant and love it. For me it's good for just under 50 and up.
    But, I don't understand the excitement in having a removable hood on a 5/4. IMO: If it's warm enough to not need the hood, then it's warm enough to not need the 5/4.

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    I wear a Mutant 4/3 thru the winter and am always warm enough. However the zipper for the hood attachment is always giving me problems. I have heard that from other people too.

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    i have a 5/4, its awesome, really warm. I have this suit and another 3/2. I use this suit with no hood instead of buyin a 4/3. Only complaint is getting out of the suit is a pain.

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    I just got the 5/4 mutant 30% off, Jersey shore shop, we're probably talking about the same place. Suit was toasty in 45 degree water. Feels great. Hood is a little tricky to zip on sometimes and yes, it is tough to get out of, but man was it warm and flexible. Didn't flush once. I'm a fan.

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    yeah, the 5/4/3 is an awesome suit. It treated me good all winter. Defintely pick it up if its a good sale.