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    wedge waves in new england

    i keep seeing pictures of this mutant wedge that looks like its breaking in the backyard of some expensive Northeast houses. where is it? maine? RI?

    also any good wedgie dumpy waves in RI? have surfed clown beach in ganset but it was so beat. whats with that place? it looks like it could be killer but is total closeout city.

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    that's 'cause RI is for longboards, take your hate home

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    yea, i've seen that break too...i think it's in maine or's so kool how thu backdrop iz thoze peepulz howsez. kan u imagine lookin' out your window and c'in sum dood bustin air?

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    i have never seen so many longboarders in one place in my life! it seems like everyone in RI longboards.

    but yo the waves i'm trying to surf aren't what longboarders are going after anyway.

    so guys how bout the waves that you're like "no way can i fit my 9'0" noserider into THAT pocket"?

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    there are some heavy spots around newport if you know where to look

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    word im gonna take a look. thanks.

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    I <3 wedges

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    easybutton Guest
    This looks like a wedge wave.

    These are from

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    i think i've found a couple pix uv thu spot you're tawkin' bout...

    pic#3 and #20

    and pic#3 again here:

    allz they say iz "new england"'s eether maine or NH, not sure tho.

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    I'm pretty sure those pictures from surfline are from Maine. I've surfed everywhere in MA and NH, and it definitely isn't in either of those states. I'm about 90 percent sure they're from York Beach, Maine