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    Cool breaking surfboard /=

    The stringer on my short board is raised-like the foam is compressing in the middle, and it is cracking horizontally across the whole board below the midpoint on the bottom. i'm afraid it's gonna snap in-half next swell. Anybody ever have this happen/know why it happens/or how to fix it?

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    Northender Guest
    its happened to one of my boards, i bought a used wrv retro fish, the string rose out of the board because that is where my knee sometimes hit when i popped up, the stringer actually was out of my board and i was able to touch it. i took suncure and kinda leveled out the compressed are so it would rejoin the normal height of the stringer. IF you dont trust me you could always bring your board into your surf shop and see what they will do.

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    how did you flatten it out? i might just give it a shot fixing it the board for 100 bucks used and ive just been using ducktape to fix dings

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    same thing happened to me.i bought a brand new wrv bat tail quad. i took it out the first day and the glassing along the stringer cracked.

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    Northender Guest
    i took sun cure and leveled out the depression from where the stringer was out of the board