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Thread: Jet ski fishing

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    Feb 2008

    Jet ski fishing

    I was wondering if anybody has ever done any fishing from a jet ski, I figured there could be one more use for these things when it's flat, sunny, and 80 degrees.

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    Jun 2008
    Central, NJ
    AHHAHA... oh I have!! My mom was out fishing one of the channels in the bay and I took the ski out to see how she was doing and decided to grab a pole from the boat. It was pretty ****ing sweet... just chillen and easy to maneuver with the drift. Will be doing it again this summer.

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    Thats sick. I saw a guy fishing in the inlet off a ski. I'm gonna try it out this summer.

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    Cool JetSki Fishing

    I have been dreaming of doing this for a long time now. I have this image/fantasy of moving to the panhandle buying a cheap and used jet ski and strapping on a fishing pole like a bow and arrow and riding out into the gulf and fishing my heart out. With a cooler under my seat or somewhere strapped on my ski for beer and fish. Next, I am going to invest in a waterproof MP3 player of some sort. I know they have some out there.

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    A guy I know down in west palm beach, fl used to do it like 10 years ago. He has some good stories of going out to the reef and hooking up big stuff that would tow his ski around while in neutral. He would actually troll with it also. I know he caught a lot of barracuda and some kingfish. He said it was kind of sketch sometimes with the cudas because not much separates you from those teeth.

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    fishing a jet ski is fun, but the limited amount of room kind of sucks.

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    Why the expense of a ski

    Why not just get a kayak- the Hobie Mirage Drive (pedal or paddle) is way cheaper, burns no gas, keeps you fit, and even has a built in fish well and cup holders? Eco, fish, and fisherman friendly.

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    fishing from a kayak is great, pull the fish right up next to you and reach in the water and grab it