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    3/2 maybe getting to big

    Yesterday I tried on my 3/2 and everything felt fine except there is a little free area/folds in the stomach area and alot of room where the arms(armpit area) are. Does this mean that i should look for a new wetsuit or do you think ill be fine. I wear an XLS now and the suit is XL

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    only one way to find out... wear it, and see how it feels.

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    i'll take it if you dont want it

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    if anything id sell it, im going to try it this weekend to just paddle in, if it doesnt work i will wash it out and prob try to sell it along with my 5/4/3 that is way to big..XXL that is haha

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    are they areas of freedom when you are stretching or just standing still?

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    standing still

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    used today in the clean 1-2 foot waves and it was warm but too much water went in and that folds in the arm didn't go away so it was a little harder