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    burying my backside rail

    looking for some advice. i keep burying my backside rail when i try to turn backside. i surf long beach, long island and i ride a 7'2" epoxy mac fish. i learned on a 9'6" a few yrs ago and transitioned to the shorter board a yr ago or so. thanks for any advice.

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    can u clarify on this? does this happen before or after u make thu bottom turn? also, what's your fin setup?

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    usually happens after my bottom turn often after i am trying to get around a section to get back to the shoulder of the wave. i have a tri fin setup. thanks

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    i'm still confuzed. so u make thu bottom turn and u're tryin' 2 make it back 2 thu shoulder and that's when u "bury your rail"? what happens when u bury your back rail, do u pearl?

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    buy a smaller board! yea not sure were are are burying your rail either? Is it when you go frontside then turn back to whitwash after top turn or when u go backside and are trying to cut back into the lip?

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    i am not very good with the proper terminology but what it boils down to is that when i try to carve a backside turn either during the bottom turn or otherwise, instead of a graceful gradual turn, the side of the board that is closest to the wave sinks too deep, the board essentially stops, and i get pitched off the front of the board.

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    i'm honestly stumped, without seeing it in person, i'm just gunna mayke uh vague general assumption and uh few suggestions.

    usualleey, burying thu backside rail iz uh favorable thing goin' backside since u want 2 hold thu rail into thu face 4 hold. i can imagine burying thu front rail and pearling, but from what u've described it soundz like you're hittin' thu bottom turn either too late or too early and tryin' 2 come up the face too fast at thu wrong time and you're not puttin' adequate pressure on thu front foot after u pop off thu bottom? while it's important 2 put alot uv pressure on thu back foot backside, if u lean into it too much or if u try hittin' thu bottom turn b4 thu right time, i could c this happenin'. also, make sure your back foot iz playced fairly far back towardz thu tail since this iz where thu magic happinz...

    i don't know, i really don't have thu answer. but 1 more question. Can u hop right on2 thu shoulder from thu take off and ride uh wayve thu whole length on thu shoulder?

    also, i agree with thu above comment that thu board you're ridin' IZ a lill' big 4 LB when it gits bigger. thu faycez can git realleey steep there. i'd drop it down to 6foot range possibly.