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    Ding repair on surftech where to go?????

    I heard chaunceys was the best bet there was. LMK ASAP guys thanks alot.

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    I've been to Chauncey's a few times for both fiberglass and epoxy repair...they're extremely cheap and pretty quick...that's what I'd recommend.

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    awesome well if it give you any idea of how many dings were on the thise board he said it was 75 beans worth of work and I was ecstatic, that it was that cheap. Now the next step will be will I like riding an epoxy board and how will it handle me I am 5"10 230
    it is a merrick m13 in an 8 foot I figure it will be a fun board for around here (bethany area)

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    5'10" at 230. Reminds me of a Dave Letterman schtick on the Late Show. . . "Will it float?"

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    thanks man cant wait to see you out there too.