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    burying my backside rail

    looking for some advice. i keep burying my backside rail when i try to turn backside. i surf long beach, long island and i ride a 7'2" epoxy mac fish. i learned on a 9'6" a few yrs ago and transitioned to the shorter board a yr ago or so. thanks for any advice.

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    can u clarify on this? does this happen before or after u make thu bottom turn? also, what's your fin setup?

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    usually happens after my bottom turn often after i am trying to get around a section to get back to the shoulder of the wave. i have a tri fin setup. thanks

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    i'm still confuzed. so u make thu bottom turn and u're tryin' 2 make it back 2 thu shoulder and that's when u "bury your rail"? what happens when u bury your back rail, do u pearl?

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    buy a smaller board! yea not sure were are are burying your rail either? Is it when you go frontside then turn back to whitwash after top turn or when u go backside and are trying to cut back into the lip?

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    i am not very good with the proper terminology but what it boils down to is that when i try to carve a backside turn either during the bottom turn or otherwise, instead of a graceful gradual turn, the side of the board that is closest to the wave sinks too deep, the board essentially stops, and i get pitched off the front of the board.