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    ideas for board transport

    Howdy all,

    I'm trapped in DC without car; consequently must rent. Easy enough to rent a truck, SUV, or something related to transport board but it costs a crapload to rent big car relative to small car and I'm getting killed doing this every weekend.

    I'm wondering if anyone has some thoughts/ideas about transporting board on roof of small rental car. I have rachet style nylon straps and think these could work for strapping my board (7'10" NSP) to the roof but I've not tried it yet. Maybe some portable rack I could attach and detach from rental car roof is another option to better secure the board?

    Thoughts, comment, concerns? Yeah I know, I need to get a car. By the way if anyone in DC needs a tag along would be stoked to team up to split costs etc.

    Thanks all. Later.


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    Bro I use dakine roof pads and straps when I don't have room in the car but I normally just stick the boards in my dads truck.

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    buy yourself a portable roof rack. Should be able to find them online easy enough. This is the simplest way to do it. Depending on the car, you can prob fit the 7'10 inside as long as you dont have a passenger with you.

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    Join the Annapolis Surf Club (ASC) or the DC Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Both will set you back a few dollars a year, but less than a one day rental for sure. The Annapolis group is really made up of members from the entire Baltimore-Washington metro area that ride share down to the coast - several members live in the DC area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    Depending on the car, you can prob fit the 7'10 inside as long as you dont have a passenger with you.

    IMO I wouldn't even get racks unless I had a few boards to bring. Or a full car.

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    you can use the star trek transporter !!! it super fast you can get it at sharper image =)

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    my cousin has a car and puts foam where the board makes contact with car and straps and uses crank tie downs