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    heaviest bodeeyboard right vid

    i just wanted 2 comment on that "heaviest bodeeyboard right" videeo on thu main page...

    this hasta b thu heaviest vid i've ever seen. i'm pretteey sure that's shipstern'z, right? if not, pleeze correct mee...but chek out thu wipeout at 3:15.

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    no, doesn't look like shipsterns.

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    yea, good call...

    this wayve iz so guh-narleey. thu lip iz so's like chopes on roidz, xcept uh right.

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    just like long island

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfsolo View Post
    just like long island

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    I guess you haven't found those secret spots yet

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    thankgod surfers dont know where this is yet. itll turn into OURs, Shipsterns, Or chopes within 3 months i bet tho