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    1967 Surfing East Magazine

    Anybody know anything about a surf magazine from the 60's Called Surfing East?

    I have a copy and wanted to know more about the publication.

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    Here is some info:
    Published by Richard S. Van Winkle, for three years, 1965-67, and nine issues. Focused on the Northeast and based out of Ridgewood, NJ. Considered to be poorly edited and focused on contests. Others have commented that it is better than Atlantic Surfing, but in my opinion Surfing East was better overall (print quality/composition, articles, photos, etc.).

    If you have access to these two editions I would be interested:
    Surfing East, 1965-Winter, v01 n03
    Surfing East, 1966-Spring, v01 n04

    Add: Balsa Bill was one of the contributing editors. Jim Phillips also contributed as a mid-Atlantic correspondent.
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    I have a vintage (I guess) Playboy from May 1972.

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    I have a vintage (I guess) Playboy from May 1972.
    Afro puff p*ssies!

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    My dad and his buddies were featured in that mag. Pretty sweet. Eastern Surfing has picked up the slack.