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Thread: Never coming?

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    Never coming?

    This is begining to like the swell that just teases everyone. It doesn't seem to have any definate cleaning in the future. These LPGS's are so fickle. Fingers crossed, but not looking promising?

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    The wind should become light for the weekend. Should be fun. Bigger the further south you go, so OBX will be solid, and smaller as you head north to Jersey (but still fun). Tides are crucial for these types of swells, so get on that mid incoming tide.

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    Smile its been

    Yeah its been pretty fun here in northern ocean county, the winds have been WAY lighter than forecasted, it was glassy this afternoon. There's some nice juice behind them but it's a bit warbly and funky though very fun. Last night was fun too, it really isn't that choppy.

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    Got it good!

    I spoke to soon. Right before dark, when the tide came in, it started doing it's thing out there. A certain spot got ridiculously long lefts and super rippable. Word. Better part is, it was only my best friend and my little brother out. NO ONE ELSE? I love it.

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    Wink kookies

    well just get ready for sunday. cause then its gonna be me and a hundred other kooks down there in rodanthe. sorry budd

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    My spot.

    You coudln't find the spot I was surfing if you tried. sorry bud, this weekend will be flat!