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you should paddle out right at c-street on a bodyboard

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Grab a 10 ft soft top and head right to the south end. Park in any driveway down there you like, the residents don't mind. Stroll out to the surf zone and paddle right out in the middle of the 100 or so guys packed in there. Everyone is very friendly, so just strike up a conversation if you like or just enjoy all the waves they will share with you. Grab a shower under the house that you parked at - cause the residents don't mind that either...then you're on your way. That's what locals do, so you will fit right in.

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also, feel free to walk into any house you please if you need to take a dump or grab a bite, I do it all the time. The people who live there will wait on you hand and foot since surfers in wrightsville beach are pretty much tops when it comes to having courtesy showed to them.
and this FTW!