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    NEW Firewire for Sale

    I am selling a BRAND NEW 5í10 Firewire quadraflex. This board has never been waxed, surfed, or even touched the water. The quadraflex is a perfect board for a rider who is looking for a fast, loose, responsive board. The quadraflex combines the control of a thruster and the top end speed of a twin fin, the result is an extremely fast, loose surfboard. The quad fin set up delivers the speed and looseness of a fish with the control and drive of a three fin thruster. Good board for all types of conditions, the swallow tail helps get this board into waves easily so it can handle anything from smaller summer surf to well overhead swell. The quadraflex is a high performance short board that is very responsive and easily maneuvered. The board turns on a dime and is incredibly snappy. Floats and paddles well. The actual dimensions for the board are 5í10 high, 19 inches wide and 2 1/8 thick, with a swallow tail. Firewires are built with dual parabolic balsa stringers in the rails instead of the conventional center stringer and this gives the board a quick and springy feel as well as increasing impact strength. Firewires are a foam, fiberglass, and epoxy mix which gives the board feel of a traditional pu with the durability and light weight of an epoxy. Great board, lots of fun. I had bought it at the end of last summer, before leaving to go back to school and have decided to sell it. I owned a quadraflex for two seasons before it was stolen last summer so I bought this board as a replacement. I loved my first quadraflex and I can tell you from experience that the quadraflex is a lot of fun. Itís a great board for anyone at any level. The board comes with a set of fins, a leash, and a board bag. If you are interested in buying the board please e-mail me at or you can call me on my cell 610-329-3148, my name is Steve. Please donít respond to this thread if you are interested in the board, e-mail is much easier. More pictures can be sent upon request.
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