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Thread: Virginia Beach

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    Virginia Beach

    I may be moving to virginia beach and I am curious about the waves there. Does anyone know about the area? How does it compare to Wrightsville/CB? I mean I know its the east coast and therefore sux but sucking can be relative, like I used to live in North Florida which sux far worse than Southern NC.

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    Virginia Beach
    I just moved up to Va beach last august from wilmy. It's pretty much the same waves wise, when a nor'easter comes through it can get pretty big. The crowds are worse than WB so be ready for that. 1st street jetty is a freaking zoo most of the time, it will be barely knee high with about 50 heads out it seems. you can find spots that aren't as bad though, 1st street is the C street of Va Beach. the water temp seems to always be about 10 degrees colder than it is in SE NC, so that sucks. It doesnt hit 70 degrees until about august.

    I have been hitting up Sandbridge Beach alot just because I hate how touristy Va Beach is. good thing is you are about an hour from the OBX