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    Move from Florida to Puerto Rico?

    Wanting to move out of the states and head over to Puerto rico..? How is the job market out there?

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    Puerto Rico has the great job markets there. I have heard a lots of Puerto Rico. I think your idea is good

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    I moved down here this past December from San Diego and got a job in two weeks. I was reaallly lucky, though. I also have the benefit of having a lot of family down here and being fully fluent in Spanish. You need to dominate the Spanish language to have any shot of scoring a job down here. But to answer your question, the job market is horrible down here. Take the unemployment situation in the states and multiply by it 50 and that's what's going on down here. There aren't many jobs here and a lot of the jobs that are availiable are very undesirable. And traffic is the worst (comparable to Southern CA in my opinion)! I don't regret moving down here because it has been a blast and last winter was epic, however; I am definetely moving back to the states after this winter because overall the quality of life is just better there. My suggestion to you...stay in FLA. If you're looking for consistent, quality surf go to CA!!

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    mict2000 Guest

    PR Job Market is Non-Existent

    PR Shredder nailed it. I have friends and family here and I've been here six months and have not even come close to a decent job, and I speak pretty good Spanish. I was in Hawaii last month and the the job market is better than anywhere there (in Honolulu) of course. I basically work in Ca. and Philly for a week or so and come back home to PR. Fortunately, its not very expensvie here. If you do move here, bring alot of money in case you don't land something soon as far as a job goes. Cali is more consistent but the job market's not so hot there either. Best of luck and keep surfing!
    Isabela, PR

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    yea I agree with both of you. I moved here in 02/08 and found a job then a few months later the place started cutting employees and I was last to be higher so I was one of the lucky ones to go. I been looking for work but haven't found one, my search is still going since I plan on staying here. The states for me is not an option for now.

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    I think every where is the same with job cutting and all.. but neverthless if your talking about puerto rico then its just awsome place to be..It has the best surfer life..

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    Daniel, What apart of Florida are you in?

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    any one would suggest a nice place to hang with in puerto rico? something not too expensive and near to a surfing area?

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