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    Welcome to Hurricane Season 2009

    Today marks the start of the Tropical Atlantic Hurricane Season

    This thread is a Discussion in response to the following Swellinfo news Article

    This article was submitted to the Swellinfo Surf News section on June 1, 2009

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    10 years!

    I love winter and spring for their consistency of the swell. Summer...well summer is never good. I like my trunks on and training on the paddle board on warm mornings. BUT, when was the last time we awoke to a long period swell, off-shore wind, board shorts with melted wax on them, and thundering surf to be heard on Cedar Neck Road? I am not talking about a head-high swell either. Rather, the kind of swell that puts everyone's tail between their legs. The kind of swell that is easy to forget about because of the time we wait to see another one. Sometimes I think that maybe the swells are not as big when you grow up, get old, and just don't have the same stoke. But I remember looking at waves when I was kid and saying, "I am going to pull into that someday when I get bigger!" Well...I am bigger and I want one.