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    Post :(

    Everyone on the east coast is just angry there aren't waves, but especially people in NY and NJ are angry just because they live in the worst places to surf on the east coast. p.s if montauk (is that how its spelled?) is number 8 then cape cod should be first lol

    solution: take a vacation somewhere with waves (central or south america)

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    i've lived on wrong island my entire life Retro...there'z nuthin' special about thu east coast. flat alwayz and when it's knee high, reeports and kooks r callin' it "waist+ and good"...u live on thu east coast 4 uther reesunz, but surfin' IZ NOT 1 uv them! az soon az i git enuff $$ and thu economy turnz around, I'm F&&kin' GONE!

    compare thu surf we've had here thu last half year with this and u tell mee which iz place on thu east coast should b in thu top 10!!!