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Thread: Snowboards

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    they aren't bad boards, they were super popular this year since they came out with the reverse camber stuff. don't last forever but that shouldn't be a problem at your level, and the use you will most likely put into it. can't say its the best board for cruising, but it will definitely work fine for that too

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    oh im also looking at the burton clash but that comes in 145 or 151 and which size would be best

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    between those sizes i would get the 145 for you, being on the east coast you don't need a terribly long board. the 151 would work fine though if you wanted that. im 6' 170 pounds and ride a 152. last year i rode a 157

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    Check out Never Summer boards. All they make is boards (and T-Shirts). They are a core company based out of Colorado. That's all I ride. You may have to order one online though, because they are handmade and difficult to find at a shop.
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