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    Whats the biggest wave youve been in

    ive been in ten what about you

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    we need this again soon

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    ive been in ten what about you
    Same overhead last september, the day it was supposed to build and be really choppy. The paddle out was like ten minets, but the waves were sooo good. The next day was head high and clean.

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    Double O... I passed on the 20-30 footers when I was in Puerto Escondido.

    Double O is good enough for me.
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  4. 1-3 OH; I am wimpy

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    Yeah the Double O is plenty big for me too. I was in it for Noel September 2007 i was still pretty new to this sport but still tried my luck up at IRI that day(the 3rd). It was Clean Double Overhead, i went over the falls on a large set...The initial impact was almost like being jumped in an alley! Mind you i was not yet in too good of shape either. My fin got ripped off, i got held down so long i came up seing stars and thinking i was about to die. Then i turn around and an even bigger wave is landing on my head. I thought for sure i was a goner but i somehow made it back up but this time my vision was fading in and out to black. This time my board and leash had been ripped from my arm as well as my other fin(Of course i had fin savers too and my leash tight!) and i had to call my friend to help me in as another landed on my head and i was totally spent and terrified. Even though it was a near death experience, surviving it and being able to witness those waves were enough to stoke me for a long time.

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    Thats what happened to me but only two waves crashed on me

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    Chest to head...

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    mine is 8 feet in obx. heavy barrels

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    2-3 OH and clean SSP last summer....medium period swell so you had time to paddle out....just dont be inside when they come through!!

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    Probably only head high at good-ol' Wrightsville beach, but I 'm reaaaallly eager to up it up this summmer! Knock on wood...