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    wetsuit flooding

    I have a problem,

    It is almost boardshort weather but still if I am going out for dawn patrol I need a 3/2. The problem is that my only 3/2 is flooding a bit up the legs. Is there any way to repair them (rather than breaking down and buying a new wetsuit) so that they fit as snuggly around my ankles and don't flood? Thanks for the help!

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    u could gain sum weight so that ur legs are bigger, or u could try to sew them so that they r tighter right at the ankles but that would b questionable as 2 whether or not it would work. i also have 1 other solution but it seems strange n might not work but it would b a cheap fix if it does. go out n buy sum cisco the cook fat stuf, put ur suit on n then roll up the legs so u can smear on a bunch of the cisco then roll the legs of the suit bac down, once again im not sure it will work but it would only end up costing u a couple bucs.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure about the crisco idea-I think that might just make me more appealing to whatever else is floating around out there. I think sewing them might be the best bet-but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. What type of thread would I need and would I need something to seal the cuff? I might end up toughing it out until the water warms up a little.

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    Gaining weight seems like an unlikely and terrible idea.. but Crisco?!

    Try if its cracking and ripping around your ankles.. maybe a stitch of some thing fishing line, or nylon, and then sealing it with this stuff..

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    Thank you so much! I think that may be exactly what I need. I was worried about getting it stitched because of the holes it might create so thank you for the recommendation!

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    You can try some wide strap velcro fin savers that are used for saving your swim fins. Just tighten up down around the ankles.