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Thread: Rav-4

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    Opinions? I'm thinking of getting one, and I want to hear some firsthand experience. I used the rav-4 when I was exploring in northern/central cal and I liked it a lot. What do you guys think? Anyone looking to sell one in the near future?? Perhaps within the year?

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    house is outside rehoboth, DE (millsboro). unfortunately i can only make it there in august
    my sister just got one...its real nice...has a ton of room in the back seat (im 6'4" and i have plenty of room)....toyotas last long too. go for it

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    also check out the FJ Cruiser. those are the coolest looking car

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    4runner. rav 4 is for chicks.

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    Go with..

    A toyota tacoma, best trucks out there and they run forever. Plus you can throw all your gear in the back and not worry about messing up a pretty interior

    ps. fj cruisers get about 8 mpg!

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    this is a funny thread..i've got a toyota tacoma 4x4 and my wife has a RAV 4. The Tacoma has a harsh ride, is noisy on the highway but drives great in sand. As was said they go forever..I've got 190K miles on mine and fully expect it will have 300k before it even starts of fall apart.

    The RAV 4 is smooth and quiet on the highway but too small to load surfboards inside...board over 6'4" are gonna be on the roof if you have a pasenger. Wifey has 150,000 miles on the RAV and it is going strong.

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    Had a RAV 4 for 12 years and it was incredibly reliable - sold it with 190,000 miles on it. Great on gas, and if you fold the seats down, you can get a longboard inside. The all wheel drive model is great in snow and you can actually drive it on the beach. Get over the "chick car mentality" - there's nothing cool about spending $60 to fill up your tank every other day.

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    Toyota is the way to go. Used to have 1986 FJ60 Landcruiser - it was gas guzzler but pleasure to drive. It had over 200k miles on it when I sold it in Santa Fe, and wouldn't be surprised if it hits 300,000 with proper care. If you're tight with money - I'd go with RAV4. If not, go with four runner, or even better, find Toyota Hilux Surf from Canada - they're same as four runner, but diesel and lasts forever. One glitch, we have to wait 25 years after their first distribution in Canada before they can be imported into USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by swabby View Post
    there's nothing cool about spending $60 to fill up your tank every other day.
    AMEN!! I have a rodeo right now, just bought an old vw gti for beach trips to save me on gas.
    I can fit anything 7'6" and under in the car with the passenger seat down.... but it gets a helluva lot better mileage than my suv.

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    Tacoma's aren't bad on gas, they are small pickups. But they'll be in the gas mileage range of a Ranger or Chevy S10