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Thread: Benny Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoneybaloney View Post
    If you care, you are
    well put.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickS View Post
    Bennies are the same thing as those damn fist pumpn monkey guidos who make ther way down to litter our beaches with their garbage, fat ugly girlfriends and empty hair care product containers.
    Me thinks guidos and benny's are a different breed..same animal, but a bit different.

    How many miles away from the coast can u live before you're a benny? What if you're from western monmouth or western ocean counties? Where is the line of demarcation?

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    What if your family owned a house right on the beach since time began, but your mom popped you out on a NYC subway train?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJFresh View Post
    What if your family owned a house right on the beach since time began, but your mom popped you out on a NYC subway train?
    they had subways when time began?

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    I was always told you if you have to cross any bridge to get the beach - you are a Benny

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    I cross over a bridge, and I live 5 minutes away.

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    Everyone is a local...

    Besides SuburbanScum. Now that's a true benny!!!

    BAHAHHAHA... r

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    my son was born in brick is he a benny..?? lol im pretty sure hes a natural beach bum tho. what 3 year old goes in the water now trunkin it lol

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    This is the *ayest thread ever, seriously who cares where you live. I see locals out in the water in the winter who cant surf for *hit and are kooks, but think they are cool because they are locals. Dude, you can't surf..your style is wack so dont try to act like you are nasty.

    You know those dudes, the guys who have a wide stance try to pump but really look like they are paralyzed from the head down or soon as they catch the wave stomp on there board up and down trying to generate speed but meanwhile they look lke a barney but has surfing for 10 years and cant do a turn.

    Then you have certain guys that rip.. who have a great fluid surfing style might not make many turns during the wave, but at least you enjoy watching the movement and appreciate the skill level.

    Anyone else think of funny styles? snapping necks..., throws arms around uncontrollably..list goes on and on.

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    this how i look at it you may not be a benny but you are not a local if you live west of the parkway and north of monmouth county