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    Air pockets, "delam" in Surfboard

    I was going to spray paint my surfboard today and then I found out that my surfboard have 2 air pockets, called "delam". One is like 5 inches of circle of delam and other one 2in by 2in of delam. Sigh, I knew I left my surfboard in my car for few days during the hot days while I was in the hospital last wk.
    So, is there any solution to remove "delam" in my surfboard? It had a hole on the deck and I covered it with ding repair kits. It's all good. Now I got air pockets, "delam", inside my surfboard.

    So I would like to hear several ways how to remove delam.

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    well it is called delam because the glass if lifting off of the foam, not "air pockets", this happens usually when water gets into your board, via a ding, and then heats up and expands. This causes the glass to pull away from the foam delaming the board in that spot. The best way to do away with it is to cut the portion of glass away from the area of damage and then reglass it, its a real pain in the ass though. Good luck!