So this morning I surfed 36th st in OC, when I was done I put my wet suit on top of my jeep, then forgetting it was there I pulled out. A friendly car honked and pointed to my roof then it him me what a moron I am that I had left the wet suit on top of my car. So I pull over on 43rd st. and walk back to 36th, looking everywhere, but the suit vanashed, I drove two additional circles after I walked the entire strecth twice but it was gone. Not sure how it could have vanished that quickly, maybe it got stuck and was dragged by a car. This was around 10AM this morning.

The wet suit is inside out but it's a full Rip Curl E-Bomb elasto max with yellow markings on it. If you have seen it or picked it up looking for the owner I would be very grateful if you could give me a call at 703-244-5711 and I will come and pick it up.