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    Wave Height Measurement

    Just curious,When you guys go out and tell your boys,hey it was 4 foot today or give a surf report, how are you measuring your wave?Are you looking at it from the front or the backside of the wave?Myself I look at it from the front even thou thats probably the wrong way.I mean I think theirs a pretty big difference .It seems like a 8 foot wave can only be a 5 footer.Just wondering what swellifo and the rest of the sites do.Anybody know???

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    Wave height observations have always been very subjective to the individual, because even judging the front of wave face can be interpreted different - such as determining where the base of the wave is or taking a measurement from the peak rather than on the shoulder.

    If I say the wave face was 5ft, there is always someone who thinks it was 8ft. The Swellinfo forecasts are for wave face heights and tend to be more on the conservative side.

    I find that generally those with less experience surfing, tend to call waves bigger than those with more experience surfing.

    When I was a grom, I can't rememeber how many times I thought it was bombing overhead. And now thinking back on those sessions, realizing it wasn't really that big.