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I ran a similar surf website for a few years 02-07 in san diego. Free surf report and daily forecasting site. Grassroots, I would give a visual update daily from the cliffs in front of my house and had a bunch of free sh** on it. It got pretty big after a year or two. I actually ran a set of stickers that said "sixonenine.net" on them and gave them to a few local kids who were already sponsored by the local ob surf shops and it worked out great. I got a bunch of local traffic off of it, but it brought mixed feelings. When all the sunset cliffs locals saw that I had a web cam over pescedero and that I had links to 12 live cams in the county, I got some pretty nasty feedback. I scaled down and removed my cams because I surf with these guys all year and wanted to respect the locals. I actually ended up taking it down all together since there are services like yours that were just better, so why re-invent the wheel. San Diego is too crowded anyway and I wasnt helping./

But, long story short. Stickers work really well. Just be careful who you sponsor You don't want the wrong guy with a sticker on his board out fist fighting in the lineup or towing in at hatteras being a deuche.
Don't worry, he can sponsor me! I'm not a douche!