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Thread: In The Eye?

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    In The Eye?

    I was wondering if anyone has had experiences with In the Eye surf shop in Buxton, NC on the Outer Banks. I'm looking to get a custom board there, and I was just wondering about quality and such. Any feedback is appreciated - thanks!

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    Yeah I would recommend In The Eye, Scott Busbey has been shaping since the seventies. His boards are nice, makes epoxies too.

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    Busbey's the man. He'll take good care of you.

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    awesome thanks for the feedback guys. I've been frequenting Hatteras for 20+ years now...lived down there the past few summers. finally got the money to get a new board, so I wanted to support my local surf shop haha.

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    I had an in the eye once.. it was the funnest board I've ever ridden, given it was sick little 5'5 twinny from the 80's. But I'll tell you what, that board kicked ass!

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    Scott Busbey is the best shaper.
    In The Eye are the best surfboards.
    I've got four of them,and I'm picking up my fifth in two weeks.
    I recommend the twin fin fish.