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    Exclamation Wednesday Surf for SNC.

    Several days ago all the models were predicting fun sized surf for Southern N.C.,then they began to scale it down. As of last night it looked like it was going to be small, but I just looked at Magicseaweed and now its showing estimated breaking wave at 5 feet (chest-high) with a north-west wind at 9mph for Wrightsville beach at 6am tomorrow morning. Magicseaweed usually underestimates the wave heights for the short-term. Are we going to see wave heights go back up here at Swellinfo this evening?

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    dude swellinfo has already forecast waist high waves for wb tomoro midday n afternoon. it's not showing 5 ft, but a high of 3ft w a NE of 10-15kts in the afternoon

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    ya, latest model guidance showing a small low developing south of the outer banks.

    Check out the latest Swellinfo wave maps, and you can see this.

    This will jump up the surf heights for the evening update for southern NC.

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    I forgot the maps were updated more than twice a day. I just checked the cams a minute ago and it has already bumped up a foot or so from this morning. Maybe a little something before dark once the tide gets from under it.

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    dude i was riding wb at crystal from 9am-3pm today. totally exhausted, but definitely worth it. saw some serious stuff out there man. you get out today?