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    Waterproof camera - board mounting suggestions

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to get a waterproof camera and I've looked through the threads on them and I think the jury is still out on which camera I want to get. From the videos I've seen I really want to get a camera to mount on my board.

    I'm just curious if anyone has any advice on mounting techniques? What works? What doesn't work? I'm looking at adhesive, suction cup. But I wanted to see if there was anyone out there with specific experience in the matter.

    Thanks a ton!

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    these work ==>

    the picture below is from my cabo trip this year
    just for security i have a water bottle attached to the mount in case it breaks free...but i have never had it break free yet and it has taken a beating. i now attach a roof rack pad to the pole for flotation, that works better

    camera is a olympus stylus 770

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    the only issue i have is that i don't get all of my body in the shot, i need to work on a better angles or something

    the video is long, but if i have some video i have captured starting about 2/3 the way through
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    go wit the go pro wide cam just google it or check youtube its a fisheye that shoots video or 5mp pictures 179bucks not bad

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    The GoPro Surf Hero Wide is ideal for what you want, as it comes with different mounts including an adhesive pad so you can easily attach it to the nose of your board. It's 5mp, so you get a good quality picture and this one has a wide angled lens so that you can capture more of your surroundings in your footage.