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    Exclamation Predictions please

    Okay, the waves have been primo lately, as have your predictions, but when can we expect the water temps to pass the 50 degree mark so there aren't anymore ice creams? Who's taking odds? At the rate we're going it won't be until June 10th or later.
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    well, were finally starting our gradual, but steady climb towards warmer ocean temps.

    were hanging upper 40's, close to 50 now in Delmarva, we just need more hot, sunny days!

    Its generally a very gradual increase until late may into june when we we get the consistent hot days. But to answer your question, I imagine will say good bye to the 40's for a long while when we get to May in a week.

    When we get S/SW current, the temps can drop significantly from upwelling. Thats why even in the middle of summer, you can get those really cold days. When, there's an onshore flow, or very little current, than those sudden cold shots dont happen.
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