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    Surfline article sound

    Anyone else find it annoying how you can't turn off the stupid voice-over for the articles on Surfline anymore? Maybe I don't want to hear your hippy 60s soul surfing lingo and I want to quietly browse the pictures instead. You suck surfline.

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    Aug 2008
    yea, i agree. i got called out checking surfline in class when i couldn't mute the voice overs when checkin out some pics

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    I don't even bother with any other sites. Occasionally if I hear there's something interesting (usually article wise, or some happenings on the north shore by my friend), but really swellinfo is the only thing dependable for the east coast.

    and to the original post about the voiceover, just get used to turning the sound off. I do it daily at work so I can watch vids.

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    Yeah, that is usually what I do. However, this time I was streaming some audio (listening to Big O and Dukes on WJFK) and tried looking at some pictures and there was a hodgepodge of audio overlay, hence the above rant

    oh well, I'm over it...