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    no hating on OCBP so don't take it personally esp since I dont surf there anymore. just observations of guards at various beaches over the years. you sound like you are in the 10% category.

    On Delsurf under another screenname.
    oh. theres a john that has ur screen name over there and thought it was the same. used to surf with him years ago but anyways.. yeah i know some people can use their authority the wrong way. it does seem like the last couple years we've had a good group though. the whole whistling out at 10am thing was a big issue this year. beach patrol officers pretty much reemed people who were giving it until 1015 or so. so know that a lot of the time it's not that we aren't trying to be chill about it. it's just that the hammer has been layed down and we've been written up about it.
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