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    Point and shoot underwater cameras

    I have been looking at the Panasonic Lumix and the Olympus Stylus for a relatively inexpensive camera for surf pics. I am tired of buying ****ty underwater disposabels that have no zoon. doesa anyone have any suggestions on these tough cameras? Also waht si the best way to figure out how fast a camera will take a picture? Like I dont wanna buy a cam that has to calibrate before taking a pic... I dont know any info would be much obliged.... thanks

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    whatever you do, don't buy a gopro. complete crap (in my experience)

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    i have the olympus stylus 770 and would recommend it. below is a previous thread about waterproof cameras

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    Try B&H in New York,Check out their site,Ive got a Pentax W60.Its got 10 megapixels and vid.

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    ive got the olympus its really good just buy the floating wrist strap since it sinks. i use it right in the breakers and it holds up real nice. also you can drop it from i think 6 ft onto concrete and it will be fine..

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    yeah i got the olympus 770 sw
    its solid can take fair amount of pictures per second i think like 3-4 p/s for only a couple seconds tho
    if you turn off image stability it can shoot good in the surf.
    i got it on sale on amazon for like 170 and its water proof for 10m which is good
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    What do you use to hold on to the cam? would a bodyboard leash be ok?