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Thread: wtb aviso

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    wtb aviso

    anyone have an aviso theyre looking to sell. been wanting to try one but no ones got them by me.

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    there like a thousand bucks, you know right?? too bad you didnt post this on a couple months ago, i saw one at my local surf shop for 290$

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    i love avisos

    love em. they take a good beating. some people say they dont like the chattery sound from the carbon fiber...but i love the flex on steep tubes. it flexes like a bodyboard. lots of different flexs abailable and worth my dollars saved. they far out last any board i have ever owned and there is no pressure dings. suck it up and order one. they are nice. u have to whatch the plugs tho, they can leak and if u dont adjust them they can explode your board do to hot sun+cold water=hi amounts of air pressure. the flex is key. dont ride them because they are carbon. research and understand why they were invented. then you will really want to surf one. i like the lil 5'8"s from rusty and lost. so fun and they fit in my trunk. one prob is the wax. doesn't stick very good. i use maxi padz so the wax doesnt just slide right off. have fun suckas!
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    yeah i seen one a while ago. light as a feather and know a guy that rides a rnf in cali he said he loved it. id rather try picking on up used unless i sell off like 3 boards haha cant be doing that