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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchell View Post
    It was Scandals i think...the big empty barn up around 60th st.
    Scandals!!!! Every One Knows!!! Scandals!!!! Rock And Roll!!!!!!!!!!

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    pink floyd, veterans stadium 94'
    parliment funkadelic, stone balloon 93'
    de la soul, stone balloon 95'
    thievery corporation, electric factory 08'

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    An Evening with Metallica '91. 3rd row.

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    August Burns Red and As I Lay Dying at 930 club

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    do phish and pepper have pits????
    phish definitely has pits....especially during BBFCFM and Carini!

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    ocmd- Los Angeles
    eric clapton and allman brothers band

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    Leeway and Bad Brains at City Gardens in Trenton August 7, 1989. For those that know, Eddie from Leeway jumped out of the crows nest next to the stage to start the set which started with Rise and Fall after the intro. Heaviest set ever........

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    incubus sounds great live. but the best show i've ever been to was seein dispatch at MSG 2 years ago. they're insanely awesome live, it sucks they broke up. at least there's state radio...

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    Led Zeppelin, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburg, PA, I think 1974, things were a little blurry then

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    Metallica w/ Queensryche opening at Capital Center in DC. Justice for All tour 1988 (when Metallica still had a primary hardcore cult following).

    Metallica / G-n-R / Faith No More at RFK stadium summer was the opening show of that summer tour so it kick major butt (well Metallica and FNM did anyway GNR sucked majorly live even though I like their music and albums)!!!

    Rage Against the Machine at Michael's 5th Ave. Baltimore 1993. Most brutal mosh pit I've ever been in...which basically was 100% of the packed crowd except for the back 20 feet or so where they sold merchandise.

    Suicidal Tendencies / Wrathchild America at York Fairgrounds PA 1989. Great show...Suicidal rules and is one of the most underrated bands of all-time!!!

    Lollapaloza 1992 (I think) in Northern Virginia somewhere (Laurel Lakes???). Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Ministry and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Best line-up of all Lallapalloza's in my book.

    Pantera / White Zombie 1996 at Nissan Pavillion. Great show...Rob Zombie is an incredible entertainer!!!!