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    for sale sun glasses smith arnette hoven

    I have a few pairs of glasses I want to get rid of. Because I buy way to many.
    arnette highrollers in black frames grey lenses no scratches pretty much perfect just not my deal. 50

    hoven ritz trigger gumm model. black with grey lenses. once again perfect. 35

    smith threshold sliders black with amber polarized lenses. 50 also in great shape.

    all are obo. need to fund other stuff I am located in bethany most of the time dover occasionally. I will also ship if some one really wants them. I have paypal.

    you ca get ahold of me at

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    Is this thread for real?

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    yea man it is I just have a ton of glasses and figured instead of letting them sit I would see if anyone wanted to grab a couple pairs they are like brand new,

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuckinVA View Post
    Is this thread for real?

    nah dude hes just messin wit ya

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    Pics? My message is short.

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    They will be up in about 2 hrs