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    In Outer Banks..Now what? lol

    So i've finally arrived in OBX, However i arrived to knee high swell.

    My Buddy rented a SUP, and i was cruising around on that this morning, had some fun but want more swell.

    I decided against bringing my shortboard as the forecast showed nothing, so I'm going to rent a longboard.

    Right now i'm in Corolla. Staying until Saturday

    What do you guys suggest my best plan of attack should be to get the best surfing out of my stay?

    Any help would be great.


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    Buxton and Frisco are a little far but it looks like you could see some waist to stomach in the next couple of days if you make the drive down there.

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    its july best bet go south to HI 2 hours either side of lo tide

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    The swell never gets better than knee high in OBX. You should ignore the hype and forget it exists and stay in Ocean City or DE.

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    how long a drive is from corolla to frisco?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSsurfer View Post
    how long a drive is from corolla to frisco?
    2 hours....hang a left onto 12 south, go over the bridge, you'll pass through salvo/waves then you'll come into avon (blink and miss it) then about another 20 minutes you'll come up to frisco pier on your left..... i

    watch for bull sharks, I heard theyre out in plenty this summer, but still a fun spot.

    either side of the pier breaks decent, even when its knee high, it's still fun to longboard or SUP.

    while you're down there, stop in Natural Art and say whats up to Scott Busby, he's a damn good shaper and a good guy to talk to about surfing in general.

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    Mini Golf... or there is sick skatepark at the YMCA in Nags Head

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    Thanks, I think im going to head down to frisco pier early tomorrow am. Check out spots on the way down,

    In search of the waist high waves!! aha

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    Not the time of year for frisco. skunked.

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    only place there are waves are in kinnakeet.

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