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    The swell never gets better than knee high in OBX. You should ignore the hype and forget it exists and stay in Ocean City or DE.
    you should come down here in the fall when there is real waves

    at least we get better waves than you kooks in virginia beach

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    the south side might get decent today but it's going to depend on when the wind switches and how hard it blows. you'll have to be on it when it happens though.

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    Outer Banks may be the most consistent area on the east coast... But in summer, everywhere is susceptible to the flat spells. From what I know, Corolla doesn't generally pick up swells like the areas to the south.

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    I'm looking out the window at Frisco Pier and the surrounding area right now. Looks like it's gonna be a great day if it cleans up. Few days ago was firing too. Next couple should be alright - stay around the pier, avoid the inexperienced longboarders, and have some fun.

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    dude you should have been in the obx a week ago. Wednesday 6/24 was shoulder high barrels at S-Turns.

    anyone who says the east coast doesn't have waves is lying. you just gotta wait for the right swell and the obx is a great place for different swell and wind directions.

    unfortunately you decided to plan you surf trip to the OBX in the summer...come around in the winter or early fall and then you'll be satisfied.

    check out this surfline feature about the swell from last week:

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