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    bodyboard for sale

    i have a 42" bz hubb almost brand new... if i rode it 5 times that was alot. bought it from my local shop end of last summer and didnt get much chance to use it. i recently switched to surfing so i have no use for it anymore. it was $120 when i got it. im asking for $75 to help me pay off a surfboard.

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    I have no interest in buying it but you may want to put it on the beach one day for sale. Many people will be out this weekend for the fourth and would buy it. You may have to lower the price though. Many people may not pay that for a used body board when they can buy a new one for cheaper online. I would put it in the 50 buck range.

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    Yeah, thats not something people would want to go out of their way to buy. I would probably rather pay $120 for a new bodyboard than $75 and have to coordinate with some stranger. I would just put it on craigs list for like $40. good luck

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    true. i will be working all weekend. got my surfing for the weekend in this morning. but yeah $50 sounds good. if anyone wants it i will sell it for 50 bucks.

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    maybe you should just keep it when its ankle to knee and dumping on the beach a body board is a good way to stay in the water even if your a surfer owning a body board can still be fun that way even when its flat you can still get wet

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    ya just keep it. youll kick urself a month after u get rid of it for $50

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    no i wont. its been sitting in my garage for 6 months collecting dust. i will never use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyGirl23 View Post
    no i wont. its been sitting in my garage for 6 months collecting dust. i will never use it.
    trust us you will defiently regret it. as when its flat i pull out the sponge. plus you can surf crazy shorebreak that just dumps on the beach and never have to worry about breaking it.

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    look its her choice but she WILL regret it. I have about three bodyboards even though i hardly use them. for 50 bucks i would keep it

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    Use it as a sled...

    If you live up north, do what i did with my 80$ wave rebel...use it as a sled. works great, and I can stand on it. bad thing is though, there wasn't enough snow when I did, so its ruined on the bottom.

    Otherwise, keep it...I did the same thing. stopped bodyboarding for a year and started surfing, then this summer, i took a bodyboard out on onshore closeouts, and it was like magic.