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Thread: coastal wedding

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    My best friend from college got married on the beach at the Cove in Cape May. Plus on a good south-east swell the cove can break for over 100 yards. Some of my best East Coast waves have been at the cove and I have been in the background of lots of wedding pictures.

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    Zach, check you're PM's.

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    I got married last year at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. You get a private beach overlooking the bay and a sweet deck and a glass room inside that looks over the bay. The best part is all the money goes to help protecting the watershed. the building is leed certified as well.

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    My wife and I got married at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in MD. There are three different areas for the ceremony and reception you can choose depending on the size of your wedding. It's not really on the coast but its on the water. It's really nice but a little pricey. i think their website is
    Congrats, being married kicks ass.

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    Its funny that you mention the "Chesapeake Bay Beach Club". After I proposed to my Fiance on the Beach in front of the Hotel Del Coronado (Which is ranked the #1 wedding location in the continental U.S.), we immediately had 3 prime locations out here in San Diego. Once was the Hotel Del Coronado, One is on the beach in Del Mar, and one is on the San Diego Bay right under the skyline. All three are sick locations.

    So, I told my Fiance to start looking at places back east in the MD/DE/VA/NC areas. She fell in love with the Hotel Del years ago. FInally, a few nights ago, I get home from work and she tells me "Zach, I think i found a place that I love back in MD" and it was the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. I looked at the website, and it looks REALLY nice. I mean, they have pretty much everything we are looking for. The ONLY negative side is that yes, you are on the Bay and not over near the Atlantic Coast. But, most of our family is Baltimore and the Beach club is like a 20 minutes drive.

    So, with all that being said, I think that the Beach club is really cool. I just want to make sure I have exhausted all options before making a decision. If there is a place that is sweet like that, over by the coast, I would be game to look into that as well.

    Thank you all for the advice so far. I got a PM from Chuck, who explained how nice or a wedding he had when he rented a few large beach houses with decks up in DE. That sounds pretty sick too!

    P.S. The wedding date is Sept. 18th, 2010. I haven't lived in MD for almost 8 years now, but if I remember correctly, mid september is still usually warm, but not extremely humid, and also, the coastal insect issues start to die down a bit. Is that a safe assumption, or do I remember incorrectly?