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    Saturday morning small south windswell?

    I see clean conditions in the morning with a lot of wind from the south on the day before. Does that create waves the next day? I see a bump on the line.

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    This upcoming sat. I was wondering if there would be enough angle to ride bethany DE

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    bethany can take a due S angle pretty well. This generally hits ocean city a little bigger tho. and you generally want a bit of E in the swell as you head further north in delaware.

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    I like the sucky walled up barrels that unload on the jetty. a small cove forms on a day after a lot of south current. Really fun to surf. Knee and waist is still fun, Plus, I am too young to drive. ha

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    ya what do you think the call is for rodanthe on sat? to much west in the swell?

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    Rodanthe could see some chest+ surf but IMHO I don't see it getting any bigger. Probably hold around stomach to chest with glassy conditions throughout the day. There will be a wave on the OBX, you're prolly gonna have to look for it though.