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so a panda walks into a bar and asks for a rum.........and coke. and the bartender asks...whats with the pause? and the panda said "what these, i had these all my life." hahahahaha
HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH thats funny hahaha. its real stupid but funny

so a guy is playin golf with his wife. off the first tee he shanks one to the right. as he approaches his ball, he realizes that there is a large tree in his line to the green. his wife tells him to punch out back onto the fairway. the man looks at her and says "no no, i'm going to hit it through a small opening in the tree". the man takes his swing and the ball ricochets off the tree and hits his wife, striking her dead. a month later the man is playing the same golf course with a friend and shanks it to the right off the first tee. the man lines up to punch out onto the fairway and his friend says "why not aim for that opening in the tree?". the man looks at him and says "no, last time i tried that something terrible happened". his friend asks what happened and the man says "i got a double bogey"